Stickers must be in pixel art and without anti-aliasing (minimal hand placed anti-aliasing is fine!)

Stickers must be 60x60 pixels or smaller in size. Please don't copy, steal, or trace other people's artwork.

You need to use the table code that makes up the sticker sheet to display your stickers.

To make your pixels look more sticker-like, here is a tutorial.

When you collect a sticker from someone, you must link the sticker back to their site (or sticker sheet page).

You can make multiple pages for your stickers, your sticker collection, for different themes, etc but only one page will be on the list so I recommend linking to the other pages on the one that contains the stickers that you've made.

Anyone can join the Sticker Sheet Club. There is no need to apply. You can submit your page (once you've made your own stickers) to be added to the Members list the Guestbook so it's easier for everyone to find more stickers.

Your page can stay on the list as long as the page is still up (even if you are on hiatus) or there is an archived link available.

Feel free to post in the guestbook whenever you make new stickers or collections!